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Best Online Life Coach – A Comprehensive Guide to Improve Personal and Professional Life

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

What is life coaching? Where to find the Best Online Life Coach? This comprehensive guide aims to introduce the concept of life coaching to both professionals and clients. So, make sure to stay connected!

Before we move ahead, it is essential to learn about life coaching and its key roles in one’s life.

What is Life Coaching?

The concept of life coaching has gained immense popularity in recent years. People seek guidance and support in various aspects of their lives in this ever-growing competitive environment. Life coaching involves directed conversations to support individuals in setting the right plan of action to achieve their end goals. A life coach employs a variety of explorative techniques and offers advice and support to facilitate the entire process to success.

In short, a life coach helps people in the following manners:

  • Helps identify their skills, talent and inner abilities

  • Recognizes and advocate their dreams

  • Helps in goal setting

  • Figures out where their passion and determination lie

  • Prepares people for potential challenges

  • Helps build self-confidence

  • Offers guidance to overcome rigid obstacles

  • Considers alternative approaches to align people with the path of success

Life coaching is, basically, an invention of the modern fast-paced lifestyle and competitive business realm. It has gained enormous popularity over time with the tremendous prevalence of anxiety, stress and negative thoughts.

Best Online Life Coach

Different Types

During the 70s and 80s, some sorts of business coaching and executive coaching started to acquire popularity. It helps business officials manage their businesses and attain goals. With the passage of time, the concept of life coaching now has intruded into people’s personal lives and relationships too. Ultimately, we can see the following various types of life coaching:

  • Family & Relationship Coaching

  • Career Coaching

  • Finance Coaching

  • Mental Health Coaching

  • Health & Wellness Coaching

  • Spiritual Coaching etc.

What is Online Life Coaching?

Amidst the evolution of internet technologies, the concept of life coaching has taken a further leap to be more convenient, easily accessible and incredibly flexible. Online Life Coaching came into existence and continues to become increasingly prevalent across communities. It is a process of personal growth, transformation, achievement and empowerment.

In simple words, online or virtual life coaching is a form of personal development support that takes place over digital platforms such as video calls, messaging apps, emails, and online platforms. Through this medium, professional life coaches provide clients with guidance, accountability, and strategies to achieve their goals, enhance their overall well-being, and address various life challenges.

Key Advantages of Online Life Coaching

Online life coaching brings the following highlighting benefits:

  • Convenience

Online life coaching is super convenient. It offers the convenience of scheduling sessions from the comfort of one's home or any location with internet access.

  • Global Reach

Geographical barriers are no longer a problem. Clients can choose from a diverse pool of life coaches from around the world.

  • Anonymity and Privacy

Some clients may feel more comfortable discussing personal issues online rather than in in-person meetings.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Online coaching often tends to be more affordable than in-person coaching.

  • Written Communication

The digital format allows for written communication and enables clients to share thoughts, emotions, and progress via emails or messaging apps, even between sessions.

The Online Life Coaching Process

The process of online life consultation usually involves the following steps:

  • Initial Consultation

The process usually begins with an initial consultation or discovery call. This is an opportunity for the potential client and the coach to connect, discuss objectives, and determine if they are a good fit for each other.

  • Goal Setting

The life coach and the client work together to establish clear and achievable goals for the coaching journey. This is the stage when you can ask questions such as ‘Help Me Fix My Life, how can I balance my professional and personal life’ etc.

  • Assessment and Analysis

The coach may conduct assessments to understand the client's strengths, challenges, and areas that require focus.

  • Coaching Sessions

Typically, coaching sessions last around 45 minutes to an hour and take place via video calls or other digital platforms.

  • Homework and Accountability

Coaches often assign tasks or exercises between sessions to reinforce learning and encourage progress. Clients are held accountable for their commitments, promoting consistent development.

  • Progress Review

Regularly reviewing progress helps clients stay on track and celebrate achievements. It also allows coaches to adapt their strategies if necessary.

  • Closure

The coaching relationship concludes when the client has achieved their goals or feels confident in continuing their journey independently.

Qualifications of an Online Life Coach | How to Choose the Best?

Choosing the right life coach is crucial for a successful coaching experience. Here are some essential qualifications to consider:

  • Certification and Training

Look for coaches with accredited certifications from reputable coaching organizations like the International Coach Federation (ICF). Proper training ensures the coach follows ethical guidelines and possesses the necessary coaching skills.

  • Experience and Specialization

Determine the coach's experience and areas of expertise. Some coaches specialize in Professional Development Coaching while others are experts in stress management etc.

  • Communication and Rapport

A strong connection between the coach and the client is essential. Look for a coach with excellent communication skills, empathy, and a coaching style that aligns with your preferences.

  • Client Testimonials

Read reviews or testimonials from previous clients to gain insights into the coach’s effectiveness, reliability and approach.


Online life coaching offers a powerful and accessible means of personal development. With the convenience of digital platforms, clients can connect with skilled coaches worldwide to achieve their goals, overcome challenges, and lead more fulfilling lives. Individuals can embark on a transformative journey toward self-improvement and personal growth.

Remember, success in life coaching comes from the willingness to invest in yourself and embrace changes. At Happiness is Messy, we deliver professional online life coaching and consultant services to global clients. You can get in touch with renowned and experienced life coaches to improve personal goals and succeed in professional life.

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