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The Full Story

My Story.

I am not for everyone, but who is?  If you are looking to expand your awareness and deep dive into the reasons that you may be in a rut, or not where you thought you would be at this stage in your life, call me. I am 40 years in, am raising three kids, but I just now starting feel like an adult. I have had a 15 year career managing a law firm and I have never felt like I really belonged there. Prior to that I was a drunk, yep you read that right. I have been in recovery from alcohol for 12 years and becoming sober was one of the- no, THE, best decision I ever made for my life.  I at least eliminated the near death shenanigans, only to find that this thing called life is hard either way you split it. But it doesn't have to hurt, all the damn time. I want to share my story and my successes and my failures with others. I have done a lot of work and been told by a few gemmy people in my life that I have too much fire to settle .. and I finally believed them! This is my one life as Erin and I intend to use all of my magical gifts for good.  In case I need to say it, happiness isn't the goal, but it is a side effect of living a life you are proud of. 


I want to make an impact. I want to help other humans find the beauty in their struggle, embrace it, and walk the earth with more of what they want to put out there, with intention.  We get stuck in the day to day sometimes, and some never get the chance to look up and just admire. 


My vision is to get cozy with ya. I want all the juice. The stuff you don't want to tell your friends, or your mom.  I want to hear the hard stuff.  I will deep dive with you into the things that you want to examine. If you have goals, great, if you want to learn how to set a goal, perfect!  I will meet you where you are. 

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