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a little about me

How I Began and Where I’m Headed

Happiness is Messy is a consulting business that focuses on the concept of finding joy in life through the ups and downs. I specialize in helping people with their personal and professional development by providing them with the tools and resources they need to find the courage to chase their dreams. This business is based on my own journey of self-discovery and I'm passionate about helping others find their unique paths.


My goal is to provide meaningful insights and experiences that will help others on their journey to following their passions and living a more fulfilling life. I believe that each individual has their own definition of success and I'm here to help guide you on your journey. I offer a combination of inspiring talks, workshops and one-on-one coaching to help you get closer to achieving your goals. Through this section, I invite you to follow my journey and learn how I have been able to find joy and happiness in the mess of life. 


My Story

If you are looking to expand your awareness and deep dive into the reasons that you may be in a rut, or not where you thought you would be at this stage in your life, call me. I am 40 years in, raising three kids (two of which are....teenagers), but am just now starting feel like an adult. I have had a 15 year career managing a law firm and I have never really felt like I belonged there- high heels, dresses, and blowouts were part of the uniform. Prior to that I was a suffering alcoholic, with very low self-esteem and self love. I have been in recovery from alcohol for 12 years and becoming sober was the best decision I ever made for my life.  I eliminated the shenanigans, some of which were very dangerous, only to find that this thing called life can be hard either way you split it. But it doesn't have to hurt, all the damn time. I want to share my story, my successes, and my failures with others. I have worked hard. I have tried to do the right thing. Yet I still found myself looking for more. More meaning, more depth, more peace, and the search for that led me to to this, a consultancy based on human relationships.  I was told by a friend that she could see the fire inside me, before I could see if for myself.   I finally believe them! This is my one life as Erin, and I intend to use all of my magical gifts for good.  Happiness isn't always the goal, but it is a side effect of living a life I am proud of. 

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